Setting Up Your Home

Getting your home in order quickly will help you to feel settled. Almost everyone in Macau lives in an apartment and you’ll need an agent to help you find one.

Check out for a complete listing of all available properties in Macau for rent or purchase. The site also provides the agencies that the property is listed with so you can contact them directly to arrange a viewing.

Here are a few agencies that have English-speaking agents who can show you available properties:

Engel & Volkers
No 7-11 Fa Seng Lei Mau, Rua de Nam Keng
Taipa, Macau
Phone: 853 2883 7113

JML Property Macau
2A Edificio Yek Fai
No. 9 Rua da Ressurreicao
Phone: 853 2835 2699
Phone: 853 2882 1844

The average new rental deposit is usually a lump sum of 3-4 months worth of rental. Be sure to have enough funds to cover this expense. If you sign a one-year tenancy agreement, you will likely be charged one months rent in commission to renew your contract (even in the same apartment with the same agent).

Many apartments come furnished with the basic compliment of furniture such as beds, couch, coffee table, TV stand, dining room table and chairs, TV, wardrobes and a washing machine. Many apartments, however, may not have an oven or clothes dryer, but these can be purchased at nearby appliance stores for a reasonable price. Most people purchase a small counter-top oven (as opposed to a large western style oven). Keep in mind that you will probably have to give your new apartment a thorough cleaning before you move in.

Ask your agent to write down your apartment name and address in Chinese or get a business card from the apartment management company so you can show it to cab drivers when you want to return home from somewhere, or when you are arranging deliveries to your new apartment.


Phone & Internet
CTM is the only full telecom service provider in Macau and provides mobile, internet, fixed line and pre-paid card services. The customer service reps speak good English and can help you sort out the package you require. For internet, the engineer will come to your apartment and do the installation; the charge for this will appear on your phone bill. The CTM hotline number is 1000.

There are seven CTM stores in Macau, including the head office, which is located in Taipa. Click on the link to find out the addresses and hours of operation.

You can pay your CTM telephone bill at the post office, any CTM store location, 7-11 Convenience Store and at the banks listed on the back of the CTM bill. For more information, go to

The hotline numbers for other mobile phone service providers are: Hutchison Telecom 1118, SmarTone 1628 and China Telecom (Macau) 1888.

CEM, a privately owned company, is the electricity provider in Macau. The owner of your apartment may already have the electrical supply in place, and you will just be required to pay the monthly bills OR you may have to apply for a new supply yourself.

CEM has two customer service centers - one in Macau and one in Taipa:

Edificio CEM
Estrada D. Maria 11
Hours: Monday to Friday 0900-1745 hrs

Rua de Braganca
Supreme Flower City, Edificio Lai Chun Kok
Hours: Monday to Friday 1000-1900 hrs

The information line is 2833 9911. For more information, go to

You can pay your CEM bill at the CEM customer service centers, post office, 7-11 Convenience Store, Circle K Convenience Store, Macao Water and the following banks: BCM, BNU, Bank of China, Luso International Banking Ltd., and Guangdong Bank.

There are three main gas providers in Macau:

Mobil Oil (Macau) Ltd has its headquarters in Macau plus 4 other branches in Macau and one in Taipa
Phone: 2821 1313 (Macau headquarters)
2882 2366 (Taipa branch)

Shell Macau Ltd.
Phone: 853 2870 0555

Caltex Oil (Macau) Ltd.
Phone: 853 2878 6168

Payment of your gas bill can involve paying the bill at a local gas store OR taking the bill and cash to the front desk of your building OR a gas company representative may come and read the meter and collect payment based on the reading. It all depends on the type of gas supply you have and where you live.

Cable TV
Macau Cable TV offers nearly 100 different channels from around the world. To subscribe, you can call the 24 hr service hotline at 853 2882 2866 or go to any one of the five MCTV service centers. Click on the link to find the addresses and hours of operation:

You can pay your Macau Cable TV bill at any service center, post office or at the banks listed on the back of the Macau Cable TV bill. For more information, go to

Macao Water supplies all of Macau’s drinking water. The 24 hour customer hotline phone number is 2822 0088. The Customer Services Centre is located at
718, Avenida do Counselheiro Borja in Macau. For more information, go to

You can pay your water bill at the Customer Services Centre, CEM Customer Service Centre, post office, 7-11 Convenience Store, Circle K Convenience Store and at banks listed on the back of the bill.

Bottled Water
Although the water quality in Macau is generally good and on par with European standards, many people choose to have water coolers in their home for drinking. There are dozens of companies in Macau that you can choose from. Here are a few:

Chuen Tung International Ltd.
Phone: 2896 5677 (Macau) 2883 9330 (Taipa)

Healthy Water
Phone: 2882 5050

Natural Springs Australia
Phone: 2897 2562

Once you set up an account, you can purchase water tickets. When you run out of water, just leave the empty bottles outside your apartment door along with some tickets, and the company will deliver a new supply at no charge. It’s an easy and convenient way to always have a supply of drinking water.

There are many banks in Macau, however, here are some of the most common ones:

The main branch is located at 639 Avenida da Praia Grande in Macau. The phone number is 8599 2124. For a list of HSBC branches in Macau, click here go to:

The main branch is located at Avenida da Praia Grande No. 572. The phone number is 8791 0000. For a list of BCM branches in Macau, go to:

The main office is located at Avenida Almeida Ribeiro No. 22. The phone number is 2835 5111. For a list of BNU branches, go to:

Luso Bank
The main office is located at Avenida Dr. Mario Soares No. 47. The phone number is 2837 8977. For a list of Luso Bank branches, go to: