10 Ways to Seduce Your Man in Seconds

In order to keep a sex life interesting and active there are some things that a woman can do. She can seduce her man within a matter of seconds. By following these tips a woman will have how to seduce a man in seconds.
.10 Give Him a Peak
There are a number of fantasies that men have. This can include a schoolgirl outfit or a sexy nurse. Put this outfit on under regular clothing and give him a peak. Pull a shirt down just enough to see the what is under it. This will have him turned on in a matter of seconds. Men are very visual and this will get his attention.
.9 Write a Dirty Note
Leave a dirty note in his lunchbox or another place where he will see it. This will have his thinking about nothing else all day.
.8 Wandering Eye
When out to dinner or in public flirt with another man right in front of him. Do not act sexual but make eye contact with them and smile a lot. This will allow the man to see how attractive his woman is and he will want her to himself.
.7 Change the Look
Just a day try to look like his favorite actress or musician. This is not to say that a man is not attracted to his woman. Role playing it a turn on for many men and this will get his attention.
.6 Give Him Directions
Nothing turns a man on more than his woman telling him in detail what she wants him to do to her. Start by telling him how good he is. Then tell him that he is the best (exploit) and that his services are needed now. This will get him going within a couple of seconds.
.5 I Never…
This is a popular game among college students and is a popular drinking game. This game can be turned naughty between a couple. The woman can start out by saying “ Never have I ever…” and what she wants him to do to her. This will be a hot and fun game to play.
.4 Get Warmed Up
Many men find it to be a turn on when a woman touches herself. Before getting it on with him have a little alone time. Some men like to watch this and that will turn them on even more.
.3 Let Him Control Things
Vibrating panties and other devices that vibrate now come with remotes. Allow the man to control the remote. This can be done in the bedroom or it can be done on a date with him. These vibrating panties are discrete but things should not be allowed to go too far while in public.
.2 Be Strong
Many men like it when the woman is in control. Surprise him and be strong. Kiss him and start feeling him up. Men like it when the woman makes the first move. This will get his attention and get him ready to go in no time at all.
.1 Get Him a Toy
There are a number of sex toys for women but many people do not know there are some sex toys that can be enjoyed by couples. Slip the man a toy such as a vibrating ring. This toy will feel good for both parents. Leave a sex note with the toy so that the man will know that it is going to be used soon. This will get his attention and he will not be able to wait to try it out.
These are just some of the things that a woman can do to seduce her man within a matter of seconds. When a man knows that he is wanted by his woman and she enjoys having sex with him it will only take a couple of seconds to get him turned on and get him ready to go.